My Experience At Temple Tots Preschool

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I was lucky enough to get to observe two of my children through this observation assignment. My three year old daughter who attends preschool at Temple Tots, here in Portsmouth. Also my youngest son, who is in second grade at Portsmouth West Elementary School. I really enjoyed the observations, and not just because my children were there. Reading and trying to imagine what a classroom is really like is more difficult than it would seem. Actually getting to be present during school and feeling the atmosphere created is a completely different experience. For my first observation I was at Temple Tots Preschool. I was supposed to observe my daughters teacher, but she was absent due to illness. They combined two classes for the day and allowed me to observe the other teacher. This teacher has been a teacher for over twenty years. She easily made accommodations for the extra students. She had a total for the day of fourteen students. During the students morning free time she gathered up extra material she needed for the extra students. The program here has some day care like qualities. There is no attendance policy. Children are dropped off at any time and can be picked up at any time. This is convenient to the parent but would be frustrating as the teacher. The school just keeps to their schedule for lessons and if a child is not present for worksheet time than it is sent home with the student. The room is divided up into areas. A piano and a large carpet

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