My Experience At The Aa Meeting

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When I first signed up for the AA meeting I had my own thoughts about what it would be like, but I was in for a big shocker. I signed up for an AA meeting at 2749 E Diana @ S Rio Vista off of E Lincoln on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. It was a women only meeting because I thought it would be more comfortable for me to attend. This was what I had imagined in my head that it would be like, I would come into a big building with tons of rooms that had separate meetings going on with different speakers. Keeping the same people together for each meeting and at the meeting there would be papers to sign after coming in. The papers could be a small survey of how I was feeling that week or if there was anything I wanted to share that I didn’t want to say in…show more content…
The higher power can be defined as whatever the member finds more comfortable and doesn’t have to be God. The meetings can be held in public locations like schools or churches. The twelve steps are as follows: we admit that we 're powerless over alcohol, come to believe that a power greater than us can save us, we must choose to turn our lives to the care of the higher power, identify any regret, guilt or anger, we have to admit to our bad past behavior, we will become ready for the higher power remove our defects of character, ask Him to help since we 're not strong enough on our own, we will make a list of people we hurt as alcoholics, then make amends to them, we shall admit to wrong doings, then prayer and a spiritual awakening. From these meetings there are two categories opened and closed. Closed meetings are for alcoholics only while open meetings are for alcoholics and anyone else who would like to join them. Their family or friends who want to be there for support or maybe random guest who want to see what a meeting is like before they recommend it to someone who needs it. The basic format for the meetings would be a speaker meeting, which focuses on sharing, a discussion meeting which is more interactive than the first and a step meeting where obviously discusses one of the steps. From the information I gathered online I now know that the meeting I went to was an open
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