My Experience At The Black And Gold Masquerade Ball Of The Trent Lott Center

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I usually spend my Friday nights in my dorm room catching up on some homework. This weekend I decided to take a day off to go and enjoy a great weekend. I was invited to the Black and Gold Masquerade Ball that was held in the Trent Lott Center. It was a very nice environment. The place was dark with some nice lights that were all in the top of the ceiling and around the edges of the walls. There was a table with a gorgeous center piece on it that had a lot of different colors, and different kinds of feathers surrounding it. As I continued to look around, I saw how nice the tables were set up and how beautiful the decoration were put into place as well. My favorite section of the entire dance was the food section, the fruits were designed into different shapes, and the drinks were place in these very nice see thru bowls. It was a very nice scenery and the atmosphere was great! At this dance there was people from ages 18 to about 25. There was people who really could not dance, and there were also some who were great dancers. I also got see the different sororities and fraternities dance and step throughout the entire dance. My friends and I also danced; there was some wobbling, two-stepping, and stanky leg going on while everyone was on the dance floor. There were some people dancing in groups and some people dancing alone. Another thing I observed was how everyone was getting along, and how everyone helped each other with the steps to a dance that some people did

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