My Experience At The Bus

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As I pulled into Cajun Field to park my car and take a bus ride to campus, I braced myself for a huge change. From the luster of the car’s hoods and the smell of oil as I exited my car, it was obvious that there was a large number of cars here. It was very hot and you could see the refraction caused by the heat from the cement. I made my way to the line of people waiting to board the bus. The line was lengthy since it was the first day of school, and everyone was trying to be a little bit early for their classes. My chance to board the bus finally came, I found a seat nearest to the window with no one in it and sat there. Even though the air conditioners on the bus were on full blast, it was still hot because of the number of people on the bus. There were two to a seat, and a bus length of people standing in the aisle holding onto the metal bar that was bolted down to the roof of the bus. I looked out of the window as we passed the Blackham Coliseum where there was a shelter for the recent flooding. There was a parking lot filled with cars and the National Guard directing cars into the parking lot with rifles strapped to their back. There was a long line coming outside of the building as people waited to get settled in the shelter. We make a left on the street from the middle turning lane so that the bus could have enough room to turn so that the tail didn’t hit the curb on the far left turning lane. As the bus accelerated, you could see people jerk back as it began to
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