My Experience At The Campus Hotel

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I know it was wrong but anytime I saw a car drive up to the parking garage I always anticipated tips. I couldn’t help it. I was working in the UMass campus hotel as a bellhop for the summer. “Please have lots of luggage” I always whispered to myself. A good amount of luggage meant the guests will need my assistance which meant there was a possibility I would be tipped. It’s weird how in just a year my views on tipping have changed. I guess there’s just something about stepping in someone’s shoes to understand a situation and in my case it was working in a tipping job. It’s not like I was being paid below minimum wage but now that I was paying my own rent, buying groceries and spending money on other responsible adult stuff this marvelous alternative supplemental income warmed its way into my heart. I was strong hearted with my anti-tipping views when I first started working at the campus hotel. My job as a bellhop was to stand by the parking garage and open the door for hotel guests, direct them to the check-in desk and help them with luggage if need be while being all dressed up in a suit and a smile. My job involved a lot of smiling. The beginning of summer was slow and boring but I had a mini-library under my desk to keep me busy. I was taken aback the first time a guest asked me for help with her bags. I was almost convinced that my luggage cart was going to be overrun with cobwebs. Thankfully this wasn’t going to be the case. I pushed her bags in my cart up to her
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