My Experience At The Center

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Observation (Section A)This semester has been a very challenging and rewarding semester. I was recently asked to go and observe and volunteer at the Arkadelphia Human Development Center for a class project. I was three areas to observe the reflection and mindset of the experience, the observation experience itself, and application aspect of the observation what I would take home based on my experience. In this paper I plan to address all three key components of my observation the reflection, observation and application so buckle up and prepare yourself to learn of my challenging and yet rewarding experiences. Prior to going to the Arkadelphia Human Development center I was unsure of what to think. I was nerves because I wanted to represent myself and my school institution with high regard. I had heard that the center was extremely organized and the culture already in place was that of a professional atmosphere so I wanted to look the part. Upon arrival at the center I went to the office on the right otherwise known as the administration office. In this office I asked to speak with Mrs. Wilson the organizations director or her assistant Cathy. The Secretary informed me that Mrs. Wilson had already left for the day and then called the assistant Mrs. Cathy. I was then asked to sign into the log book so I could get credit for my time that day. After signing in the secretary asked me to head across the way to the big and newly renovated building to Mrs. Cathy’s office. I…
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