My Experience At The Coast Guard

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One of my first experiences in the Coast Guard was a question that went out to the whole company, “Why do you want to be in the Coast Guard?” Naturally my response was that I wanted to help people. Little did I know at the time, that as I progressed through my career, so too would the focus of my desire to help shift to the people placed under my charge. Starting out I didn’t place much thought into leadership. Luckily, I have had the privilege to serve with several people that have demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout my career. Jeff Dorwart, John Lorentz, Marvin Wells, etc., the list goes on. All of whom have imparted some of their leadership wisdom upon me, either through demonstration or conversation. Leadership to me is the ability to influence others in the pursuit of a shared vision or goal, regardless of whether it is yours or one you yourself have been influenced to follow.

2. For some of my leadership mentors, they modeled the way by their actions and personal interactions. Marvin Wells always maintained an outstanding uniform. He usually had a smile on his face and presented himself as a very approachable individual. In fact, even when I was getting “corrected”, it didn 't feel like an ass chewing, rather a course correction that I ended up being harder on myself than what he was. Jeff Dorwart and John Lorentz were both big picture thinkers. They would shamelessly share the big picture, direction and desired end result with all. This created buy-in and…
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