My Experience At The Dining Lab At Monroe College

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Based on the information that is required for this paper, I would be writing about my Front of the House experience here at The Dining Lab at Monroe College. The three challenges that I would be writing about would be about option number 1, working within the dining room environment. With that being said, the three challenger that I choose to write about when it comes to the Front of the House Operations are:
1. Steps of Service
2. Team work or Lack thereof
3. Mentally

According to Hayes (2013), Steps of Service is the order of tasks a Server needs to follow and accomplish to deliver the ‘Dining Experience’.
Examples of Standards of Service (Hayes, HP225 Dining Room Management Syllabus, 2013):
1) Serve from the left
2) Clear from the right
3) All drinks are served from the right side with the right hand
4) All drinks are carried to and from the table on a tray
5) The use of seat numbers
6) The coffee cup is served from the right, on the right, with the handle at a 67.5 degree angle from the 12 o’clock position of the guest. (Yes, details within the standards can get this specific)
Examples of Steps of Service (Hayes, HGCC Dining Room Steps of Service, 2009) :
1. Member/ Guest is seated
2. Water Delivery  Within 30 Seconds
3. Server Greets Member(s) and their Guest (s) within 30 Seconds
a. If server cannot greet Member(s) and their Guest within that time frame, at the very least acknowledge their presence and state you will be with them shortly
4. Ask for Beverage

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