My Experience At The Gulf Coast Medical Center

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I am writing this review in regards to my 2 recent experiences with Gulf Coast Medical Center. To begin my experiences were very unfortunate & unprofessional to say the least. To give you a little backstory I had been thinking about this day every since I found out I was pregnant. My emotions at this point were out of range. I was so scared, anxious and extatic. My mind wondering of all the possibilities that could happen. My ultimate fear was having a C section as Iv been terrified of surgery and the chance of being put under my entire life. I was also scared I would be stripped from a vaginal birth experience. Despite all of this I had an open mind knowing anything could happen. I had a birth plan on paper, knowing all births obviously…show more content…
I was also afraid of having the epidural too long in results of it wearing off or slowing down my labor. A few hours more go by of contractions and they were getting intense, but I was handling them just fine. My goal was to wait as long as possible to get the epidural, but my nurse comes in and tells me since my contractions are getting worse if I wanted to go ahead and get it. I knew from the moment I got the epidural I was on a 24 hour time limit to having this baby before I was forced into c section because of possibility of infection. I told her I’d like to know how dilated I am first and my midwife came in to tell me she wasn’t going to check it, again because they already broke my water and they wanted to limit the number of times I was checked. So, by their recommendation I went ahead and got it. after a few hours go by, they check me and I am still only 2.5 cm dilated ( only .5 more dilated then I was at my appointment a few days prior) they told me I was dilating very slow but I stayed hopeful, bounced on a birthing ball and used the peanut. None of which was working. My Midwife comes in and checks me again and I still haven’t progressed. She begins to introduce the conversation of cesarian and how she thinks my body can’t handle it and my son was too big. (Remind you it has been nowhere near the 24hr
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