My Experience At The Hamburg Airport

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It is a Saturday ,about 4 o 'clock in the morning, on the way to the Hamburg airport. I am with my parents and we just left the hotel. I am about to leave Germany and my family to play basketball in Texas and also to go to college. I made this decision half a year ago. I signed with a scholarship agency, and a coach from Texas contacted me the last week before the deadline of recruiting. Therefore, everything was complicated. I had to prepare, do paperwork, take English tests, and several other things in two and a half ,months. One month before I had to take the flight, I thought I had finished everything; unfortunately, that wasn 't the case. The coach and the people working for the scholarship agency told me I had to get my Visa on my own, and also book the flight myself. I was sure they told me that they would help me, but that wasn 't the case. It came to the point that I had to do all this myself. It was tough. It seemed everything was against me. The people working at the embassy told me to get the visa before booking a flight. The people working at the college and told me to book the flight and then get the visa. I didn 't know what to do ,but my parents encouraged me to keep on going and supported me in every point. On the Wednesday before my flight, my mother and I drove to the embassy in Berlin to get my Visa. There was no earlier appointment, therefore I was worried that I wouldn 't get my visa and everything I did was for nothing. My mother booked a hotel

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