My Experience At The Heart Doctor

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After having a severe back pain about three weeks, I had to go to my private care physician. He went through general check up and set for EKG and Eco test. Having the report of EKG, he referred me to the cardiologist. I became little nervous and scared as I had never been with Cardiologist in my life. I set an appointment and visited to the heart doctor. He asked me general information about the history of my parents and made some general tests on the fist day. He said, he had to go through the different tests to make sure everything was alright. For the first phase, he wanted to monitor at least 7 days to confirm my heart’s function. According to him, the nurse put a machine on my body and asked me not to remove until 24 hours, after then I could remove only when I take shower. I felt horrible, literally I didn 't have any pain on my heart but after they started to observe me deeply; I learned that my heart ached. I found myself uncomfortable to work and to do everything, but unfortunately, I had to take that device which looks like phone with me all the time because it was connected with the machine that was put on my body. One of my college teased me if I had a boyfriend who called me frequently. I had a little shy to tell to everyone but eventually I had to tell them the truth that was monitor for my heart rather than a phone. He startled why I had a problem in my heart as I was still young. I told him, it was not a real problem, but Doctor wanted to make
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