My Experience At The High School As A Substitute Teacher

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It has been a long road over the past seventeen years, to get to where I am now. Choosing to go to school, you would have thought would have been a no-brainer. As a young adult I never really looked beyond the day I was in. I have been through many jobs in my life, I made it a career in changing careers. The jobs I took never felt like more than just a paycheck. Most of the jobs I had I would end up in a year or so hating going to work. I would literally dread going in or even thinking about having to work there. Then I found what I would call the "light going on" job where I felt different, I started working at the High school as a Substitute teacher. I came to the job because I was working as an LNA, I had changed my hours to only work on the weekends. The county changed their policies, I lost my insurance, so I went per diem. As an "on call" LNA I received no hours, I needed money and fast. Someone told me to be a sub at the school, no education needed and they are always looking for help. I worked a lot as a substitute, mostly for paraprofessionals in the high school. One of the case managers that I worked with a lot liked what she saw and encouraged me to go for the open position, I was interviewed before the interview if that makes any sense at all. I was working in the classroom with a "difficult" student, the director of special education just happen to be in the room that day observing the case manager. Well, I assume she liked what she saw as well, because when I
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