My Experience At The Hospitality Industry

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I appreciate the time you utilized for me to train. It was the first paid employment position that I had attained in my life. I had not had any work experience at all, however you patiently trained me on the basic concepts of hospitality. I learned various things and it was a great experience in my life. Furthermore, I am sure that what I learned from you is going to be helpful for my career in the hospitality industry. What I found exceptionally helpful in the training program were the detailed explanations of the service processes which you provided. It was very easy to understand, and I could conduct the processes which you taught to me quickly and without questions. Moreover, when I made mistakes, you provided me advice and explanations regarding why the mistakes occurred. Because of your timely and efficient advice, I could easily understand why I made the errors and what I needed to do regarding adjusting my service behaviors. In addition, after I could perform my job duties with efficacy and precision, you trusted me with more responsibility as well as higher level tasks. It heightened my motivations and created confidence in my abilities for me. However, there are a few things which I feel could be improved within your training strategy. I understand the pressure of a fast paced restaurant environment and the time constraints staff must operate within, however it is important to employee morale that managerial staff provide sufficient time to address their
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