My Experience At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay

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What a blessing I had today to experience in my own eyes wonderful sights and scenes. Many of you already know that I 'm famous for the mystical experiences I’ve had with Jesus and God in the past. Perhaps you’ve read my book? The Book of Margery Kempe? Yes, I Margery Kemp, got the opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. There 's over thousands of beautiful artwork, one visit won 't suffice. I was captivated by everything I saw, but I was especially drawn into the magnificent gallery number 305. From the moment I stepped into gallery 305 I felt some sort of connection. The timeframe of the artwork was relatable, the setting was familiar, and the feeling was purely magical. The sounds, oh the sounds, they reminded me of my church back home. It was angelic music, soft and heartfelt. It was the kind of music that drew hearts in, as it drew mine back in the days. It was the same music that gave me a feeling of encouragement to carry out the ways of God; the same music that made me want to repent from my sinful ways in business and day to day wrongdoings. The walls were tall and the ceiling had tinted windows. On the sides, there were glass windows made of numerous beautiful colors. They had images of people in them, just like the windows had back home. Many of the images on these glass windows were of people I knew, priest, pastors and saints. Gallery 305 felt like home from the moment I stepped in. It depicted the common holy church for
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