My Experience At The Military Service

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I remember that I served in the military service three years ago, and serving the military service was my perfect turning point that changed my entire life. I remember that when I was 20, I was very introverted that I could not even talk with other people to ask the directions. I remember that I had just reached young adulthood, and did not know about the world. I remember that I didn’t have any confidence, passion, patience, and willingness to challenge myself for my goals. I remember that I was a lazy person who always did my tasks late. I remember that I didn’t attend college after I graduated from high school. I remember that I decided to serve in the military instead of attending college because I was not sure about what I want to do and what I want to be. I remember that my parents and my uncles advised me that if I go to the military, I can be more mature than before, and I could find the path which I should challenge for my future. I remember that when I heard about this advice from my parents and my uncles, I just laid my hopes on the military, and believed that it would surely change my life. I remember that fortunately, this decision led me onto the right path that completely changed my world. Until now, I really appreciate the previous me who made the right decision for my future, and I’m convinced that the military service is absolutely my greatest turning point in my life. I remember that when I first got to boot camp, I thought that I just wanted to flee from
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