My Experience At The Mirror Hanging On A Vanity

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I walked around my dressing room patiently waiting for my stylists to come and dress me bitting my nails as I walk.Its a nervous habit of mine I need to brake.especially considering half the time there extremely dirty from them always being in dirt. I looked at the mirror hanging on a vanity in one of the corners of the gigantic room.Seeing my reflection I didn 't like it.I was ugly and I knew it. Without being able to think more 3 girls came in.All of them were beautiful.The first had golden hair like mine but it was nice and clean and pulled back by a diamond hair band.It looked freshly trimmed coming to her shoulders perfectly with a blue sun dress and light pink flags.The others also looked beautiful in there individual ways.One…show more content…
"Ok Jade you can lay your cloths over there while I start the bath,"Mayflower said walking over to the large bathtub.I looked the bathroom over as I slowly undressed.It was just as big as the other room! The bathtub Mayflower was currently filling was sunken down into the floor and bigger than my bed at home!The hole floor was a nice dark wood and one of the walls was an entire window showing off the beauty of the Capitol. I took my time taking off my dusty,worn out jeans and "fuckers" t-shirt much to Mayflowers impatience and got into the tub.Any thoughts I had in my mind floated away as I felt the warm bubbly water take me away into a moment of tranquility.The blonde gently scrubbed my scalp free of any dirt or dandruff and my body was scrubbed with bath salts tell I could see a visible change in my skin color.What can I say I live on the farm,we don 't shower much. After what felt like only moments which in reality was more like an hour I emerged from the bath squeaky clean and ready to be dressed.I slid a robe onto my fresh skin before coming froth from the bathroom with Mayflower by my side to my two other stylists
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