My Experience At The Mountain View Hospital

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This semester I volunteered my time at the Mountain View Hospital in the Women’s Department, specifically in the postpartum section. I chose this volunteer opportunity because it significantly relates to my career path and passion. I am biological sciences major and
Psychology minor (pre-medical) and the goal of my medical career is to become an
Obstetrician/gynecologist and then potentially specialize in the fertility and infertility of women. Throughout the course of this semester I would volunteer at Mountain View on Friday evenings. My main job in the postpartum section was to attend to the basic needs of the new mothers, I would provide water, ice chips, snacks, and clean linens when needed. I manned the main entrance of the postpartum unit, to direct visiting family and friends to the correct room or keep unwelcome visitors out. I would also help the nurses set up patient’s rooms and when a mother was discharged I would assist her and her family to their car. Another task I performed was answering the phones that are connected to the patient’s rooms. If a patient calls the nurse’s station, I would answer and then get what they needed or find them a nurse.
As a volunteer I have limited skills, for example I am not allowed administer any drugs (even ibuprofen) or healthcare advice because I have yet to go to school for that. Also I am only allowed to answer the phone linked to the patient’s rooms, not the phone that is for the entire hospital, because I do not…
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