My Experience At The Multicultural Dinners

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Growing up in a small mountain town there wasn’t very much diversity to be spoken of. However, thanks to my parents, I was always encouraged and raised to never judge people who may seem different from myself because no matter the race, religion, gender or appearance, we are all the same on the inside. My first memorable experience that opened my eyes to the diversity that this world contains was in high school during a special event called the multi-cultural dinner. The dinner consisted of different families that brought food, danced cultural dances, brought cultural costumes, spoke about their religion and more all based on their country and culture. I was blown away at all of the different things that go into each culture, or religion. I quickly discovered that I loved learning about cultures that were very different from mine. The more obscure the culture, the more I wanted to learn. From the connections I made and the people that I met at the Multicultural dinners, I was able to travel to Spain for a month the summer after high school. I can truly say that is an experience that I will never forget. I not only had to improve my Spanish, because my language was no longer the majority but the minority. I also had to learn a lot about the etiquette of the spanish culture, try different foods and much more. This all caused me to step outside of my comfort zone but also helped me to grow as person and to cultivate friendships and experiences that will last me a

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