My Experience At The Museum Service Of Fifty Visitors

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During the course of her fieldwork she studied the discourse (what people say), the practice (what people do) and the experience. For doing her study discourse she conducted a visitor survey for the museum service of fifty visitors. In her questionnaire she asked about visitors’ demographics, the experiences of museums’ visiting in general, as well as elicited visitors’ attitudes. She further combined her data with already existing secondary data, such as visitor statistics and comment forms that helped to compare her future data of prevalent attitudes and establish the main informants for future interviews. From these initial surveys she distinguished various demographics of Croydon inhabitants, such as class, gender, ethnicity, life-style choices and sexuality that she made sure to include in her research. Following established goal Anat Hecht gained access to eighteen visitor households, six households from three main demographic localities of Croydon. Anat Hecht also established lasting relationships with fifteen staff informants, with librarians, security staff, cleaners, as well as museums’ front and back gallery professionals. These two different groups of informants and the comparison of what they say and do helped the researcher to understand and deepen her studied subject. Anat Hecht confessed her difficulties in establishing rapport with her respondents. The reason for it was that the first contact was made in the museum setting that is why her informants

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