My Experience At The New School

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My practicum experience was quite an interesting one. I didn 't know how it was going to work but quickly saw it was easy to figure out. I do have a few mishaps because of the way my resource is run, I often have to change my whole lesson at the last minute. So even though I have written a lesson plan and scripted it out geared towards their IEP goals or basics, when I see most of my students not getting something in class I chose to focus on what they need the most so then may lesson doesn 't match. Overall I think the experience was fine the small group I teach and the way that I teach them allows for flexibility. Reading the book Educating Esme was actually more entertaining than I anticipated. It was very fun and interesting to go through the experience with her. It brought a lot of things to my mind and perspective. I think that she handled her first year at the new school very well, her principal is a good example of a lot of people who try and take advantage and bully people with their authority. Its unfortunate that she didn 't start to speak up earlier because I think people use their power to get away with what they can once they realize the person is intimidated. Unfortunately, I have heard many stories very similar to this one about principals in the district and experienced first hand some bullying type personalities. Thankfully I have a strong personality and didn 't stand for someone to bully me. I do have to say that in that Madame Esme handled
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