My Experience At The Pharmacy Museum

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For me, choosing to pursue a career in pharmacy was far from planned. I knew that I wanted to find a profession which I could find self fulfilling. So, one could say I knew as much about pharmacy and its history as an average person. I’ve always imagined that pharmacy and the entire profession as a whole was relatively modern. In other words, I never really took pharmacy as a profession with a history. I’ve always thought that pharmacy and medicine, as one, essentially made its largest strides with the technology boom of the 21st century. During my visit, I realized I was both right, but also, wrong in a sense. My idea of pharmacy and medicine, prior to my experience, meshed together and to me they were synonymous terms. My experience at the Pharmacy Museum really helped me make the distinction between medicine and pharmacy. Initially, I believed that the history of pharmacy and medicine were one thing. At the museum, I learned that the history of medicine could be dated much further back compared to the practice of pharmacy. This is essentially due to the fact that medicine has a much more general and broad definition related to health care, while pharmacy is a much more specific discipline and tightly-defined profession having more to do with drug therapy. My conception that pharmacy and medicine was relatively of modern origin is, in one aspect, wrong because medicine has had quite an old history. In another sense, I was right because the practice of pharmacy truly

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