My Experience At The Press Conference Of A Football Game

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I feel the snow crunching under my shoes. My warm breath is visible as it mixes into the crisp winter morning air. I cough. Looking at my watch, I realize I am late for my English class. I walk a little faster. Finally, I slip into my seat towards the back and am greeted by a smile from Professor Hanks. It is almost surreal to believe that the semester is over. Just a few short months ago, I sat in that same desk looking more like a deer in the headlights than a successful English student. However, through hard work and grit I have clawed my way to the end of the course. The lessons learned will forever shape my writing habits and academic experience. The first paper that I wrote was an auto-biography about an experience in my life that shaped my reading/writing skills and attitudes. I elaborated about my experience at the press conference of a football game, and how this jump-started a love of writing. In completing this assignment, I realized how we are not born writers, but that writing is a skill developed through practice and experiences. This is equally true in other academic disciplines. The value of recognizing and sharing these original experiences are vital in our ever imitating world. In another assignment, I was able to illustrate an experience had in central-Africa. In the format of a blog, I wrote about a service project we completed for an orphanage. This experience certainly expanded my vision of the world, and I hoped that it would do
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