My Experience At The Salvation Army Doveton Community Support Services

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A students’ field placement experience is considered to be one of most vital, valuable, and enjoyable components of their professional preparation. Engaging in the daily work of a human service organisation enables students to apply their theoretical learning into a fieldwork context, thus allowing the opportunity to set goals and gain new knowledge and skills. As such, this report explores my overall experience during my student placement at The Salvation Army Doveton Community Support Services and reflects on how I undertook the achievement of the outcomes stated in my learning contract.
Objectives and Outcomes
A learning contract directs learning and provides a roadmap for relationships and experiences with the placement organisation
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14), being honest involves accepting that my role is ambiguous and remaining open about my relative strengths and limitations. When faced with tasks I had no experience in, I would let the manager know, but show I was open and eager to learn. In the same respect, if I felt I did have some experience and knowledge, I shared this with the team. This principle was pivotal in achieving the objectives of performing and developing skills in a variety of community service and development roles and establishing effective and purposeful relationships with co-workers and clients. My eagerness to learn and extend myself fostered a positive and trustworthy relationship with my organisation manager and staff. As a result, I was able to engage in a myriad of roles and activities such as; driving the company van to pick up food donations or deliver furniture to clients, supervising the community craft program, using the company credit card to purchase required resources, and operating as the receptionist and emergency relief worker. In addition, I was also asked to attend a network meeting as a representative of The Salvation Army Doveton, thus engaging with people from various organisations in the local community. In order to my best, I set high standards for myself and my involvement in the organisation. However, it was important for me to avoid unrealistic expectations (Baird, 2016, p. 15). A concept I found useful was the notion of a ‘learning edge’. According to Baird
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