My Experience At The School Nurse

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After lunch I knew something was off. I should have known better I thought to myself. The teacher was talking, but I was not listening. The jolting pain shooting in my right wrist was currently grabbing my attention. I looked down, my wrist was slightly swollen and tinted red forming fresh bruises. At first the pain was tolerable, but any minor twist or turn affected the pain level immensely. Unprepared for the new aching in my wrist, immediate shouts of agony followed. My teacher, Mrs. Stephenson, immediately asked, “What’s wrong?” Looking up, my face was turning red, I didn’t know what to say. I knew the incident was foolish and could have been completely avoided. My lips were sealed from embarrassment. I didn’t say a word. Despite the…show more content…
Today I wasn’t very hungry. I did not want to eat my sandwich. After eating my yogurt, chips, and brownie I planned how to sneak past Ms. Noriega to dispose of my sandwich. Until “Are you going to eat that?” Matt asked. Replying, “No, you can have it,” I realized he saw that I was going to throw it away and offered to eat it instead. I was relieved because Ms. Noriega didn’t seem to move, she was like an anchored boat confined to the area of the trash can. Not to mention she had eyes like a hawk. Stepping foot onto the grass beyond the fence felt like a whole new world. Leaving behind the boring lunch patio I entered the backyard of the school. It was divided into three parts: the tennis courts, a field in the center shaded by three large trees, and a playground underneath more trees. Fifth grade was all about the playground. Everyone always rushed to their favorite playground spot. Christina, Cayman and I always sat on top of the hang glider, but today we were feeling extra adventurous. We were always hanging off the glider in ways no one is supposed to but today we were not going to be hanging instead jumping. “Let’s have a competition,” Christina said, “Everyone must jump from the top of this hang glider and grab the branch above.” Cayman and I looked above to see a dangling tree branch about 4 feet out of reach if we were standing on top of the hang glider. We didn’t think it could be done. “You’re crazy,” we exclaimed! We hopped down only to see
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