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Minecraft Username: Wellness Age: 13 Previous Experience: My experience includes servers that are related to Prison, HCF, OP Factions, and minigame servers, including CorePrison, MXRCraft, BlockMC, and PolarHCF. Well why should I be staff you might ask? I should be staff because I am dedicated and you can find many flaws in my work, I spend most times going around finding hackers and I try to find as many exploits I can. I want to be part of the staff team because I want to help improve the server and community. Below I will be showing you some stats I guess on the servers I am staff on. CorePrison and MXRCraft (merged servers): (50-65 People Each day) Prison (15-25) Factions (30-35) Skyblock (5-10) PolarHCF: (Map 2) (100-110 On a day, closed till SOTW) BlockMC: (Still in development) Honestly, I think I am active enough to keep care of the server. Building is one other thing I know how to do, and I could communicate well with different people while like screensharing. Because something wrong could happen and I could fix the problem. I want to be Pre-Mod because I want to help the staff team and make a bigger community for HCGames. I will be online on Skype a lot so if any staff member needs help I will log onto HCGames. I plan to recreate that Factions server, because thats the request a lot of people ask for. I am also very active on the forums so I can look at recommendations and tell the staff team that they should look at the request/application. Now I can say

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