My Experience At The United States

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I can’t remember how I twisted myself in the air to come crashing down with my arms outstretched, but I did it. Maybe I was torquing after losing my grip on the basketball hoop, but I remember most of the fall, staring down at the concrete, seeing my hands automatically extend. I had a sense of the powerfulness of that landing, a landing that would finally defeat a part of my body and successfully break it. I have had close calls before. Everyone has. But I knew, while in the air, feeling that slow-down, that this was it. * * * England was a move that I could tolerate. I wouldn’t have to learn a language, just a new culture. One that was still, I hoped, historically familiar. But China was different. I felt for the first time in my life…show more content…
And my neighborhood was right in the middle of it. To get in my house, you had to pull up to a guard post, wave at the guards who opened the gates for you. We lived behind tall walls that had broken shards of glass set in the cement at the top. My first week there, I never left. I was too scared. I was too terrified to be out there, to be the foreigner that lived behind walls. I had gone to places where people lived such lives, but the finality of being here permanently, well that was different. I felt the immensity of my position that I had not chosen, and I felt sad for the world, deeply, for the first time in my life. I understood many things that first night. And then I acclimated. I made friends. I joined sports. I was in bands. I explored Shanghai and made it my own. It is a wonderful city, and one that I would always be amazed by. And when my cosch finally asked me as a rising senior to coach middle schoolers every Wednesday night, I know I gave a very enthusiastic affirmative. I was happy to impart whatever wisdom my coach thought I had. My height had always been a thing. It was the reason why I switched from baseball and soccer to basketball and volleyball when I moved to China. And it was also the reason why the middle schoolers
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