My Experience At The United States

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It was still dark out when I awoke, the sun would not be up for another half-hour. I could feel the relentless humidity on my face. I woke the other members of my team and we loaded the jeep with the equipment we had packed the night before. We arrived at the clinic just as the sun rose; people already in line. I was reminded of last summer’s mission to Cambodia. I greeted everyone with “buenos dias” and a smile as we unloaded the equipment and set everything up inside. Our first patient of the day was twelve year old Alejandro who was in need of inguinal hernia repair. We performed surgery after surgery and by sundown we had completed our goal for the week. After another week in Honduras we would conclude our mission for the year.…show more content…
The room was swarming. My heart raced as I watched. I had lost track of myself until the orders of a nurse brought me back. “Jack, grab the crash cart!” she exclaimed while performing compressions. I sprinted to the nurse’s station, grabbed the crash cart, and sprinted back. I retook my position and continued to watch. The patient regained her pulse only to lose it again minutes later. After an additional fifteen minutes of compressions she was back. Relief flooded my body. At the time I didn’t feel anything other than futility, the adrenaline seemed to have numbed most of my thoughts. Later that night I kept replaying the entire scene in my head. I could vividly remember the family crying outside, the efficiency with which the physicians worked, and a strong feeling of helplessness I felt at the time, wanting to help, but being unable to do so was infuriating. I could not stop thinking about. About a week later I came to the conclusion that what I had witnessed was something beautiful. Everyone in that room was dedicated to saving this person’s life. This was their job, and it was nothing short of heroism. Even more heartening was the humanity of it all. Witnessing those physicians, having dedicated their lives to be there at that moment to save this person’s life was truly inspiring. I thought about what it would have been like had she passed away and the negative
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