My Experience At The University Of Houston

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While my time at the University Of Houston, I have watched myself grow and change into a stronger and more insightful individual. Exiting high school I wanted nothing more than to peruse a degree in technology, as this was the driving force behind my high school elective classes. When I first entered the University of Houston I started my degree in computer science in the school of mathematics and science, as I grew I noticed that this was close to what I wanted to do, but unfortunately was not a good fit to my personality. I then explored alternate degree options for myself as I felt that I was missing an important part of myself in my work. I then discovered the management of information systems in the school of business, I was excited…show more content…
As it currently stands I am already looking to join the HR field as a HR assistant, I have applied to the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic that is located in my current city in hopes of joining the organization. With this opening, I will join the HR field starting from the bottom processing confidential information and gain experience with Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). With my strong carrier drive and attention to detail I know that I will progress fairly quickly with this short-term goal. After being with the company for 3 years I hope to have moved into a HR management role, in which I am supervising employees on proper hiring and firing procedures along with employee evaluations. My main goal in this time is to learn how to properly utilize HRIS and gain exposer to the management field. I hope to stay in the Houston area until this current time, as to give me an advantage of building business relationships with similar professionals. In addition to working in the HR field I wish to return to the UH and continue my education in the school of Technology with a second degree in Computer Information Systems, I feel this is important to obtain as it will insure my spot in any company as the need for technology grows expediently in the future. These skills will help lay a better foundation for employment growth and advancement as I continue
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