My Experience At The Wilmington Health Access For Teens

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This paper gives a detailed reflection of my experience at the Wilmington Health Access for Teens (WHAT). In this paper certain issues are addressed such as barriers that teens and their families face when trying to get health care. It is highly common that low income families visit the WHAT center due to the fact that they do not turn people away regardless of their ability to pay. Another barrier to access to care is transportation. Due to low incomes or simply lack of public transportation, some people do not have a reliable way to reach a facility that can provide them with the care they need such as WHAT. Keywords: Health care, socioeconomic status, teens, vulnerable populations, barriers to care, transportation. Field Experience Reflection Introduction On a Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I were signed up to observe at the Wilmington Health Access for Teens (WHAT). We signed up to go in the afternoon hours so that we could get a sense of what the center was like during its busiest time, after school hours. After hearing several groups that went before us say that they hardly saw anyone come during the early afternoon hours, I was very thankful that we chose a time when a higher volume of patients would be in. This gave us a chance to truly grasp what exactly the clinic does and also gave us a chance to speak with some of the clinicians working there and get their insight. We also received a tour from one of the social workers and she was able to show
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