My Experience At This Internship

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At this internship, I was able to learn many lessons. Those lessons can be applied to any field, but also give me a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the Venture Capital industry. Many of the lessons I have learned were through hearing the stories of other people who have succeeded in the industry, and give me knowledge of what to expect the next few years of my life. Knowing that others are having the same issues as me, and indecision about which field they want to pursue is comforting. Hearing from people including successful entrepreneurs and hedge fund managers show even they have the same conflicts in their lives at my age. Even though many of the lessons can be applied to any field, I learned by far the most about Venture Capital. This internship increased both my knowledge and interest in this field, and gave me valuable skills I can use to prepare for a full time position in Venture Capital.
One of the main subjects I wanted to learn when entering this internship was how to know which investments will succeed, while others will fail. Even though I fully understand that there is no distinct answer, and even the best early stage investors back companies that fail more than half the time, I honed in on what the top people in the industry believe. Initially, I assumed there would be large amounts of data and financial modeling involved. However, the answer I saw was starkly different than I expected it to be. Instead of the complex calculations as the primary…
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