My Experience At Tuskegee University

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My experience began as early as college, when I used to volunteer with school going children in orphanages, and would advise them on the social problems they faced in school. That is when I decided that being a school counselor was the “perfect” job for me. Having started at an early age, I find that my expertise does in fact lie in helping students deal with social pressure, and helping them cope with the stress and frustration it brings. I have also been successfully able to help students improve their self-esteem by making them focus on past successes, so that they may be able to garner the strength for future aspirations. I don 't think age has any role to play when it comes to warming up to students. As long as they can find a mentor, a guide and trust in someone, they are likely to open up to them. As I started my college career at Tuskegee University, where I double majored in psychology and English. I was passionate about creating social awareness and helping people, but I was unsure what career I was interested in after graduation. I thought about attending graduate school for Counseling Psychology, but I just was not sure about it. I spoke to a professor in the Counselor Education program at Georgia State University and discussed my interests with her. She suggested I look for a program accredited by Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) School Counseling. I enrolled in the School Counseling program at Clark Atlanta
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