My Experience At University Of Melbourne

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I have been a student at University of Melbourne for 4 semesters, and over the commerce course of my study I have developed and grown more than I thought possible. Business Case Analysis has not only given me great experience, but also helped me boost my skills and knowledge through the semester through interactive learning and teamwork. In this course, I have learned how to approach a problem, particularly in business sector, while also professionally maintaining collaborative work in teams. This reflection will firstly analyse my experience in solving cases, and as I go along, I recognized my strengths and weaknesses from my team members and myself. After that, I will discuss my skills that have developed during the course and its impact to my future career as business practitioner. At the end of the reflection, further improvement of the course will be considered. I remember the first and second class, the feeling of being hit with the harsh and abrupt reality that I need to work absolutely hard this semester. But at that time, I was not afraid. Instead, I feel challenged and enthusiastic for what I need to overcome in this subject. I read several cases from international case competition and compare the best solutions from the winner of that competition, with an intention to be more prepared for the first case. For the first case, our group faced a difficult challenge in identifying the strategy to unfold the issue of death spiral for Vector Limited. The energy
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