My Experience At Vegas Yep, It 's Mine

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Winter. We try to celebrate, but no, every resort in Vegas just has to be closed, doesn’t it. And what’s more, closed because of a bit of cold weather! You only have to wait a week. Right. Of all the times we could’ve celebrated, or when we want to celebrate, and now, today, they have to be closed. No, I wouldn’t want offend the owners or anything. I only graduated high school! I mean really, I even waited for a break in this college semester. I may be on break, but c’mon Vegas, give me a break. Why did winter have to came so early this year, tell me god? The Idea of traveling to Vegas… Yep, it 's mine. Why I even traveled here in the first place… It is questionable if even god knows? I’m just gonna ask Joel if he cares if we stay at a…show more content…
“Yes Joel, that vision. Only a vision.”Jake says calmly with more than a bit of sarcasm in his voice. “Yeah, well… I’m still a bit worried.”Joel said, a bit calmer now. “ Relax Joel, we’ll be fine” Jake said. Well I guess waiting just flew out the door. Jake had thought, much less mad, much more tired. It’s 11:30 at night.” Hey look, Paragon Hotel, Let’s check it out.” “Ok, but if anything happens, I’m blaming you.” “Sounds reasonable,”Jake says, turning in to the hotel as he speaks. Jake pulls into the Paragon Hotel. The hotel has more so the shape of the letter L in the exterior. It is three stories high with a glass elevator, and black, iron spiraled stairs on each end to each story.A blizzard is beginning. As might be expected, all of Paragon Hotel has been covered in snow. I’m surprised they found the door, It did take about thirty minutes, but, they found the door. It was midnight and colder than ever thought. Joel was almost fully awake, though a hint of worry was still traceable on his face. Thank god we finally found the door. Now to check in…another thirty minutes. Great. Jake thinks to himself, irritated at Vegas as a whole now. As it turned out, Jake and Joel did check in.Though they were so tired, they immediately went to sleep, drifting deeply into the void, as they rest in their soft, feathered bed. What is this place. Jake thinks to himself, confused.

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