My Experience At Woodruff Corporation

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Introduction: As I near the 1st anniversary of my career at Woodruff Corporation, I find myself reflecting on my experiences and accomplishments throughout this first year. What impact have I had in the company? What have I learned and how have I developed my skills? Will it endure and lead to better, more efficient, and profitable business practices? Prior to working at this company, I had never before worked in manufacturing, much less the containers, packages, and materials handling industry. I had not yet professionally designed for the manufacturing either. Woodruff was giving me an amazing opportunity to apply my education, learn real-world applications, and I was earnest to prove myself. During my final interview, noting my excitement, my boss-to-be made me aware that he is in the midst of projects to improve the business, that the prevailing company culture is resistant to change, and that it has been an uphill battle trying to sway the company culture towards continuous improvement. He believes I have that mindset and wants me to promote it throughout the business. I learned then, and reaffirmed over my time there that it must be done with both patience and persistence. After hiring me, he asked me to a meeting in his office. The company currently had few materials for the purpose of training designers new to the industry. He also asked that as I learn the ins and outs of designing for the industry that I document what I have learned for the purpose of

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