My Experience At Yosemite National Park

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Yvonne Ontiveros
July 13, 2015
Patrich Jeremy
DAY 1 There are so many sights to see at Yosemite National Park that it is difficult to choose where to start your Journey. This guide will tell you all about the great finds you will see as you explore some of the most beautiful and unique trails the park has to offer. Day one will be focused on the northern part of Yosemite National Park.
Twin Lakes What a better place to start your adventure than to visit Twin lakes. This trail’s name is called Twin Lakes because of the fact that there are two lakes. One is called the North Twin Lake, while the other is called the South Twin Lake. This trail is very popular because of the nearby campground. You will definitely not get lost in this area, as
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Figure 2 Frog Creek. While at Yosemite, why not visit a rockslide? Slide Mountain is a very interesting area to visit. It is located in the east-northern part of the park. These rockslides are part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The very steep bank located at the bottom of Slide Mountain is 3230 meters in elevation. The glacial polish located in the rockslide indicates that Slide Mountain was once filled with glaciers that eroded the mountain to make it so steep. This is such a wonderful natural-made masterpiece to visit for those interested in the geology of Yosemite. An extremely enjoyable activity to do while you are there is to rock climb Slide Mountain.

Figure 3 Slide Mountain.
Matterhorn Canyon
Just east of Slide Mountain, you will come across Matterhorn Canyon. This thirteen-mile hike is very famous because you will not find another canyon in Yosemite that compares to this one. This canyon has a small river flowing in between the walls of Matterhorn Canyon. These “walls” are scattered with rocks and meadows. Its cliffs are made out of smooth granite, which are crystallized igneous rock. Hiking up the trail to the northern boundary of Matterhorn Canyon is Matterhorn Peak. This peak is very spectacular in that you are able to ascend this peak with the right gear and it is one of the highest peaks in the Northern part of the
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