My Experience During the Process of Development of the Web Application for Eason

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In this document I will reflect on my own experience during the process of development of the web application for Easons. I will refer to the team collaboration, the project management methods involved, the code development process, documentation created in the design process, and my personal reflection on the whole project. Our project was the development of a web application for Easons Ireland for cataloguing, documenting and tracking repair process of e-readers. Our project subject was chosen from few proposed by a team as challenging and demanding of team commitment. Client requirements presented to us were very high but at the same time well documented and mostly attainable. To achieve requested results, a web application based on ASP.Net with a relational database of repair cases had been proposed. Our initial language choice was Visual Basic .Net with SQL Express database server. Team functionality As a team we were able to work together very efficiently, as every team member has specific strengths. Good project documentation, good communication and confidence was a basis for achieving a final goal – working and documented application. I joined an already existing team but I was well welcomed. I had a chance to express my opinion and participate in all team decisions. Some decisions were collective and some were left to discretion of the person responsible for their part of the project. We agreed at the start, that changes with high risk level have to be made by the

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