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Odalis Lopez
August 20, 2015 My Experience at a hospital In a small world nursing is a big concept. My name is Odalis Lopez and I am currently 17 years old. My desire is to get into nursing because I have always shown a growing interest into it. It strikes me as a worthwhile and satisfying career to choose. Meanwhile that has always been my interest; I decided to join an ROP program involving the Medical field. So far being in that program has been my biggest accomplishment because through that program I got to work in an actual clinic called Health Works Medical Group Center. I was in that program for about two months, but in
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When I started the programs my thoughts were very negative because I thought I was not going to do things very well and I just felt useless. Every weekend that I got to attend the clinic, I could honestly say I enjoyed every second of it not just because I got to help patients but also because I met great people that Helped me out throughout the course and gave me great advice. Although joining that program was at first something I felt like I needed to do just to get volunteering hours not because I actually wanted to be in it, I ended up loving it and it convinced me that that is what I wanted to do, be able to help the people in need of assistance and not only physically but also mentally because as a nurse not only is it required to be there for someone physically but also mentally and sometimes that is all they need someone that can listen to them. I feel like that is what a great nurse would do, be there for their patient not only physically but emotionally. I can honestly say that being in that program was my greatest accomplishment and best experience yet. Working in a hospital or in a clinic is something I would like to see myself doing in the near future because it describes me as the person I am and want to

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