My Experience For English

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I’ve always loved writing and reading since I learned to do both in Kindergarten. I am intrigued by new words I discover and have a passion for expanding my vocabulary. I enjoy a challenge so when I saw that English had a CP class, I didn’t hesitate to take it. As a child, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Although, around 7th grade when I started to use my writing to get in touch with my emotions, I decided that writing was something I wanted to do for fun so that I wouldn’t feel pressured into writing and get bored of it. English isn’t always easy for me. Depending on the topic, I will either be able to finish my work quickly (or if I’m not too interested) it may take me a little longer than the other students.
When I walk into any English class, my first feeling is motivation. I always tend to feel more inspired and woken up when I get into English. As a result of my positive outlook on English since I was a kid, I can only imagine that this is why I feel so happy when I actually walk into the classroom. Plus, all of my English teachers have been reliable and engaged in all of the students lives. The other students in English always seem prepared to work and I know I can rely on my English classrooms to be a good environment for me to work in. My affection for English only seems to grow as the years progress so I have an optimistic outlook on this year and upcoming years.
When I heard that we will be practicing a variety of writing this year, I was overjoyed.
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