My Experience For Speaking English

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Ironically, the international school I went was overrun with native-thai speakers. Frequently, I would unintentionally get into trouble for speaking Thai. It would be phenomenal to speak English and satisfy the tyrannical hearts of my young farang teachers but the environment was unsupportive.

Everyday during free time I would sit in a corner surrounded by bookshelves and release my inner English Literature teacher to speak English with the girls as they speak back to me but as soon as free time is over and class are divided back into genders, my William Shakespeare form was not that appreciated. The typical reply from a boy would be “why are you speaking in English? This is Thailand” as they make funny faces and make fun of my big forehead.

Lunch time also known as the golden hour was supposedly be the time of our life. But for me it wasn’t. As a usual elementary school class, genders were a pretty sensitive topic of ours. Girls and boys together are not socially accepted. During the golden time, I would paddle my little feet to get my lunch and sit down with the boys. Initially, I would speak English but after a while the rejection sunken and I never tried to speak English with them again. I would occasionally move to sit with the girls but that resulted in getting ridiculed by both the boys and girls. I was isolated.

After the golden hour, we have the diamond hour which is of course play time. During this time a typical elementary schooler would run around and
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