My Experience From The Fall Term Of Art

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In this reflection I will be talking about my experience from the Fall term of Work of Art FRINQ 131Y. In general, I found the class to very different from what I thought it would be. I do not mean to offend anyone with writing this response, I am just addressing an honest reflection on how I felt throughout the fall term. There are many pros and cons to this class which I will address. I believe this class helped me improve my writing skills immensely; however, I do not think the class taught me anything meaningful, nor did I find it valuable. I very much enjoyed the positivity of the instructors and their passion for teaching and helping students, but the class itself was very flawed. I learned a variety of lessons from this class, but most were not educational or had anything to do with art. With all this in mind, I will continue to honestly describe my experience and opinion of this class.

In terms of how I progressed so far, I believe my writing skills have improved greatly since the beginning of the term. I appreciate all the feedback on my papers because it shows that there is always room for improvement. I also believe the integration of students making a blog also helped with this. Making a blog connects with many students of this generation and is an outlet that is easier for students to be honest and express themselves. Having a blog was a fun way to show others my work and how I have improved. I will continue to use these skills I have learned in this class
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