My Experience Has Been A True Journey

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Over the course of two months, my learning experience has been a true journey. At the beginning of this course, I figured it would be like any other English class I’ve taken, but the class has made a difference for me. A lot of information I have learned has not only helped me become a better writer for my future classes, but also for my job. Writing letters and referrals are something I constantly do while I’m at work, so improving my writing skills is crucial. Overall, I’ve learned how to make my writing easier to understand, decrease my writing errors, strengthen my weaknesses, focus on achieving my goals, and write according to my academic level. While this was a short course, the information I have learned is valuable and helpful for future courses and my professional life. Professionally, good writing skills is important because day after day I write reviews, referrals, and letters to Human Resources and corporate offices. Having the ability to use my educational knowledge in my workplace has been great, and really helpful. Furthermore, I always carry with me what I learn in previous classes and use that information in my next class. For this class, I have increased my knowledge towards avoiding writing errors, how to spot these errors, write according to my academic level, and explore different writing methods. Throughout my assignments, I always get comments on my errors, which knocks a few points off my grade. I decided to go back to my first assignment and
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