My Experience In Boarding School

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My name boomed over the intercom and the April sunshine did not warm me as I uneasily made my way to the front office. I had been enrolled in boarding school for eight months when I was told there was a new girl coming and was asked to help her through the first few frightening weeks. Being a “big sister” involved teaching her about what living at boarding school was like, along with just being her friend. This was an honor and immense responsibility, making me not only excited, but anxious as well. Despite repeated nerves, I was eager to find out about her life and rise to the occasion. Walking an apprehensive girl through the ropes of boarding school made me a stronger, more stable person because it offered me a new perspective, valuable support, and the fulfillment of becoming a giving friend. The next few weeks included a major lesson in a more expansive worldview.
In particular, people with different experiences can introduce me to a new perspective. The responsibility I attained gave me a more developed worldview that I had previously been sheltered from. In other words, my background consisted of people just like me and the lack of exposure limited my viewpoint. Hearing my friend’s story of her hard, lonely life in Los Angeles with her detached family opened my eyes to the reality of mankind. It is easy to judge evil from far away, but when we are exposed to the hurt and pain that causes the corrupt behavior, empathy comes rushing in. Her experiences were something I
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