My Experience In College

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This week has been one interesting, hectic experience. Every since I came back to my father’s place after summer break from graduating, I had did nothing but apply for Columbia Southern University. Afterwards, I applied for FAFSA to get government grants to pay for my college considering I was no longer in High School. During August, I did not anything the entire time until school started online. Whenever I received the Critical Thinking (Third Edition) book through the mail, I knew I needed to learn more responsibilities. First week of my online classes passed by and then everything started to form together.
First emotionally significant experience that happened this week was that I got my first job. The week before classes started I had a job interview at Hardee’s. I was in training at the company the next following days. Tuesday, September 12, was my first official day. The feelings I had were cheerful and jubilant. Working at Hardee’s is the first job I have had and it can be either simple or stressful. This obviously is pretty important to me because who does not remember their first job? The way I have been behaving is polite and cooperative. Working with a team is not an individual task. However, there are a few things I began to question to myself. One is how am I going to manage my time accordingly to complete school work, go to work, and have down time? Secondly, what happens if things become too overwhelming and I can decide to want to give up? Managing time can
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