My Experience In College

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Coming into college I knew there was going to have to be changes that took place. Throughout my high school career I never felt the need to study. I was usually fairly successful without ever having to put too much effort into any sort of preparation for assignments or tests. I knew that once I began college things would be different. I knew I would need to study and work harder on my assignments. This semester's triumphs and failures has given me an idea as to what I need to do in order to successfully move forward with my college degree. I must be always open to change and adapt in order to succeed. Throughout high school I was always told by my teachers that college would be much more difficult and that no one would care about whether I succeeded or failed. With that in mind, I studied intensely at the beginning of this college semester. I was able to maintain fairly decent grades for the first few weeks. However, after sometime I felt that all of my studying was unnecessary. Without studying I was able to keep well-over passing grades, but not grades that I was proud to tell my family about. I began studying once again and my grades slowly climbed back up to where they once were. I am confident in my current studying habits. I read all of the assigned material and take all the required notes. As of right now I do not feel the need to go above and beyond with note taking. However, I study for an exam the two days prior. I do feel that I could prepare better for my exams
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