My Experience In High School

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(Hook) “English teachers put more thought into a novel than the actual author did” (Teenager Post #4155). English is a subject that is difficult, and usually, it ends up being detailed and a lot of work because of the way teachers push their students. (Controlling Idea) When entering into high school, I was signed up to take the class Honors English Nine, which turned out to be a stressful experience because of the this in depth work. (GS1) In high school honors courses, I as Freshmen was faced with academic difficulty in some classes that I didn’t experience in middle school. (GS2) Eventually, more fun came with the more advanced classes while in school. (GS3) While in the honors classes, I as a student absorbed a lot of material and lessons from our teachers who pushed us. (THESIS) Throughout Mrs. Oles’s Honors English Nine, I experienced a range of (I) difficulties through her honors-level class, (II) balanced out by carefree fun, (III) and ultimately many learning experiences. (TOPIC SENTENCE) When entering into my first experience as an Honors English student Freshmen year, (I) I could not have expected the academic difficulty the class would entail, especially when (MAJOR A) writing essays and (MAJOR B) learning in the textbook Adventures in Reading. (REWORDING MA) One of the first assignments Mrs. Oles gave me was an essay, and I was assigned three more academically demanding essays throughout the rest of the year. (MINOR 1 FOR MA) While working to write my essays,

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