My Experience In High School

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In the middle my 8th grade school year, I had to move and transfer schools. I was not at all pleased with this move because the new area that we lived in was completely different from what I was used to in my old neighborhood. Being at this new school, I spoke to a few people but I mostly just kept to myself. Until I met a girl named Morgan. We had to work together for a group math project. Once the project was over we still remain friends because our personalities were so similiar. She got me out of my comfort zone, showed me the ropes around the school, and even introduced me to a lot people that I eventually became friends with own my terms. Our conversations at school soon expanded to talking 24/7 at home. Later we realized that we lived about 5 minutes from each other and that made our friendship grow even more closer. By the time the school year came to an end we had become full blown bestfriends. High school came around and of course we made sure we went to the same high school. Everything was still the same for us but what we both did not know was that our friendship was getting ready to go completely downhill in the blink of in eye. 9th grade year for us was great. Just about all our classes were together. When you seen one of us, you saw the other. We even branched off a few times because we had got little boyfriends but that still did not stop us from being two peas in a pod. 10th grade was when everything started to changed. Both of our boyfriends ended

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