My Experience In High School

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Being the eldest of three children I am the guinea pig of the family.. (ellipses) Being the first to start school, to begin middle school, and enter into high school. Not having an older sibling to tell me what to expect along the way, I had to be the first to experience these things, and figure out how to handle new situations on my own. I remember being in seventh grade being terrified to begin school at the high school. Riverside, at the time, seemed much larger than Lamuth and had many more students, especially older and taller kids, being a bit intimidating to my, once then, barely five-foot self. (imagery) I did not think I would have enough time to get between classes before the bell rang, as crossing over from John R. to Riverside is a long walk with many kids walking at a very slow pace. I was also very nervous that I would get lost or end up in the wrong class.
Once I began school at Riverside my nervousness slowly began to disappear. It took me a while but, I finally got used to the clatter in the hallways, and the ringing from the bells, signalling to change classes. (onomatopoeia) I realized that being in high school isn’t as scary as some people think it is. Going to a high school with a wide range of students, all of different ages, I got to meet many new people. Being a grade ahead in some subjects, met meeting students older than me. Once I was finally comfortable and settled into highschool I decided to become involved throughout the school. I began to

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