My Experience In High School

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I am a gamer, a powerlifter, an inventor, a designer, a student. I enjoy my life currently, everything is very mellow and chilled. My life is moving at a phenomenal pace and soon I will be out of high school and into my college career. That is four years away though, my high school graduation and college level scholastic experience that is. That all will start with a <4 GPA that I intend to keep up with and graduate with. My family is quite Scottish, on my mom’s side she is nearly an ⅛ Scottish while my dad is ½ Scottish. This is why I have hints of red hair mixed with my brownish oily hair. I am also extremely German, my mom is ½ German and my dad is ¼ German hence why I have the blue eyes. We have a little bit of Greek on my dad’s side but it’s not too much to talk about. The parents that have bestowed life upon me are not by any means bad parents, they love each other very much and aren’t just going to break up in a split second. They love their children quite a bit too, I love them and they love me. Something that really stands out in my mind not only as a lesson but at an experience is when I posted something on social media I really shouldn’t have. I was sent to an alternative school and an academic setback was going to happen even though the scholastic system should’ve have done anything. Everything was restored and forgotten but I have learned my lesson about “Once you post it, it is there forever.” -Jennifer Morgan, our assistant principal. I don’t have much
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