My Experience In Middle School

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Getting out of bed used to be the worst part of my day. I know I sound so relatable and quirky but I’m serious. I dreaded falling asleep and having to wake up to the same bleak day with the same schedule as the days and weeks before. The same thoughts the same cloths the same lessons, what was the point. In my last year of middle school these were my thoughts.i know what you're thinking, ‘only being in middle school you’re too young to be thinking like this, you haven't seen any part of the world yet.’ At the time i didn't know anything more than the four walls of my room and the lyrics to some punk band i found on the internet. Things i learned at the end of middle school: it gets better. Everything will with time a little help. I was in a really tough spot around this time last year. I was mad at everything and every day was longer than the last. I fought with my family and i was hurting myself and my grades were suffering and all in all i was ready for everything to end, which is a lot to take on for 13. I have a theory. I think that in order for anyone to see that there are little things that make life so amazing, they have to hit their absolute lowest. There are about a thousand things that life comes with free of charge that are precious and amazing and we all need to be reminded of that sometimes, like being home alone and singing at the top of your lungs or taking the longest bath with bubbles and a bath bomb and having clean hair. We don't even realize how good
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