My Experience In Middle School

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I knew that it would take some time to establish myself. While I was new to the community, I believed I would and could be successful with some work. After all, I had done so well in middle school. And then it happened; I entered the campus filled with energy as I walked into the big brown building. It appeared to be so extravagant, standing tall and surrounded by the bare trees. I knew what I was capable of and I told myself,"Don't let anyone get in the way". As the first bell rung, I was worried. I took my seat at 8:15 and I already began to lose my focus. I stared at all the new faces although I had yet to learn the names of my new peers. My staring contest was interrupted by a sheet of paper on my desk. It hauntingly said- "SYLLABUS."
"New Girl" became my name for the next couple of months, as nobody knew what else to call me. My nickname over time seemed to be a pleasant shortcut rather than a label, but it began to affect the way I was treated. When a teacher asked a math question, initially my confidence shot up, but quickly fell as the class in unison flashed a confused look in my direction. I then heard comments such as " What is she talking about. " and " That's so weird." filling the air of the room. I sighed in relief, as the teacher told me I was correct, but slipped under the desk as I was told it was not something taught at the school. I was directed to learn a whole different way of learning, a major shift in the way I was taught for the majority of my
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